Hobbs Brook Management, a commercial property management and development firm specializing in leasing, construction and development of Class A office space since 1952, has earned a reputation as a pioneer in the development of premier office space in the Boston suburbs by providing sustainable, high-quality office environments and excellent customer service. Skilled culinary professionals deliver a diverse menu of restaurant-quality food at reasonable prices in Hobbs Brook’s 15 full-service dining facilities. Hobbs Brook wished to showcase its culinary staff’s talent and highlight the fresh and delicious cuisine available to raise visibility of its workplace dining and catering services.


Rhino PR designed a guest chef campaign to help distinguish Hobbs Brook’s corporate dining facilities from a typical office cafeteria. Working closely with Hobbs Brook’s corporate dining management team, an eight-week schedule was created featuring a “guest chef” each week, with the chef traveling from his normal kitchen to a different Hobbs Brook dining facility to serve the delectable dish of his choosing. Rhino PR arranged live-action photography sessions and conducted interviews with each chef to create professional content highlighting the chefs and their selected menus for email marketing, social media, and visual marketing campaigns, and collaborated with graphic designer B-Graphic to brand the event with custom signage highlighting each chef as well as a dedicated template for email marketing. Rhino PR took charge of the communications process, distributing the email marketing messages to Hobbs Brook’s tenants and coordinating with Hobbs Brook staff to have the boards displayed. At the conclusion of the guest chef campaign, Rhino PR conducted a survey with a raffle prize to encourage tenants to participate.

Thanks to rave reviews, Rhino PR helped organize a second guest chef campaign, where once again Hobbs Brook’s talented chefs traveled to different dining facilities in Waltham and Wakefield to create their culinary masterpieces. Tenant feedback indicates high satisfaction, and a third session of the guest chef campaign is being developed.


30% of corporate diners selected the special guest chef dishes. The email marketing results show impressive, above-average opening rates, including a 40% open rate of the initial overall guest chef campaign schedule detailing chefs, dates, locations, and menus.


“Rhino PR has been a trusted advisor to Hobbs Brook since 2007. Their innovative thinking has consistently provided Hobbs Brook with high-quality content and positive promotion. We turned to them when we wanted to promote our dining services, and they developed a creative guest chef campaign that not only highlighted our exceptional dining offerings, but also quickly became an event that generated excitement among our staff and tenants. With Rhino PR in charge, we knew every detail would be exceptional and delivered on time.”

~ Michael Lalli, Vice President of Building Services, Hobbs Brook Management