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40% of all businesses will not survive a crisis.* Rhino PR can help your firm SURVIVE and even THRIVE in the face of one.

Whether your company faces a devastating crisis like a fatal accident or the loss of a key team member, negative PR and media fallout threaten more than your reputation and bottom line – they threaten your company’s very existence.  With Rhino PR’s crisis communication counselor by your side, your firm will be well prepared long before a crisis strikes.  Even when the unexpected catches you off guard, Rhino PR will help you protect and preserve your firm’s image and reputation.  We’ll help you put the right plan, protocols and training in place so that you are ready to respond quickly, effectively and confidently with the press and the public.

Susan Shelby discusses Thick Skin, Public Relations & Crisis Communications on The Resilient Journey Podcast with Mark Hoffman.

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*Source: Department of Commerce

crisis communications planning by rhino pr boston

We work with you to identify potential scenarios, select a crisis response team, define team roles and map out your crisis messaging and approach.

crisis advisory by rhino public relations boston

When the unexpected happens, we are here to advise you through every step of a crisis. We will help you get information out quickly and effectively, and tailor messages as a crisis unfolds.

media training by rhino pr boston

We will help you determine who is most qualified and credible to speak to key audiences during a crisis, then we work with your spokesperson(s) so they are ready to respond.

reputation monitoring and response by rhino public relations boston

Even something as simple as a negative review can have a big impact. We monitor coverage and prepare responses on your behalf if warranted.

case studies by Rhino PR

“Susan is more than simply a “crisis management” expert. She understands the various moving parts that will often complicate an effective crisis response such as insurance/legal issues, differing strategies as to who should be managing a crisis response, and the strategic interplay between immediate crisis response and the client’s long-term considerations and goals. Unlike the prototypical “hired gun”, Susan sees crisis management as a collaborative effort, and strikes the perfect balance between taking effective control over a crisis response while ensuring all stakeholders remain involved and on board with the overall strategy. As a valuable resource in helping clients prepare for crises that have not yet happened, she is adept at presenting thoughtful and comprehensive pre-crisis management plans that minimize disruption when the next crisis inevitably occurs. I refer any of my clients to Susan for pre-crisis management planning, and she is already my “go-to” expert for when a crisis does occur.”

Mark D. Shifton
Seiger Gfeller Laurie LLP

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