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Our team comprises senior-level PR, marketing and content creation professionals – every single one of whom has worked in the industry. That’s why we Rhinos understand – like no one else – your goals, your staff, your audience and the best marketing program for you.

meet the crash

A crash is a collective noun to describe more than one rhinoceros. Our crash includes senior professionals with marketing, public relations, content creation and copywriting expertise, along with a network of talented creative partners – all with AEC experience.

Susan Shelby, FSMPS, CPSM



Michele Spiewak, CPSM


MicheleSpiewak Rhino PR AEC specialists

Monique Klares


Monique Rhino PR AEC industry public relations specialists

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“You did a masterful job on the (management) transition. You dealt with a company resistant to change. The first thing you did was convince us to change our name to make it clearer what we do. Then you helped us update our logo. Then you helped us upgrade our marketing materials. And meanwhile, you were getting our name and our work ‘out there.’ When it came time for the actual transition between generations, my dream was realized. The story and photos were everywhere. As a friend said, no one could avoid knowing about the transition if they were in real estate in Boston. And knowing about the transition meant they also knew about us as a company. We were not an easy client at first, and many of the team required a lot of convincing. But your work won everyone over. I can’t thank you enough for what you accomplished.”

Cathy Kaplan
Founder and Senior Advisor
Kaplan Construction

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